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Top 4 benefits of trampoline jumping for your fitness

Trampolines aren't just for kids - they're good for your health! I have been using a rebounder aka Trampoline in my studio for almost 5 years now and I absolutely love it. Not to mention, it’s also one of my client’s favorite things to do for some fun. I enjoy incorporating it into workout routines to sneak some cardio in as well as some coordination moves to benefit the mind muscle connection. Some of the moves I create can be quite tricky and can take the client several sessions to catch on. Often times we will practice on the floor to get the flow of it.

The great thing about the rebounder aka Trampoline is that it provides a host of wonderful benefits that I find many of my clients are unaware of. I enjoy educating them that while they are having fun on the trampoline they are also doing wonders for their health in ways that regular cardio could not provide.

Here are just a few of the awesome benefits of the rebounder: 

Benefit #1

Rebounding is good for the lymphatic system. The lymph system is entirely depending on physical exercise to move and without proper movement the cells are left in their own waste products, craving nutrients. This situation can contribute to a host of diseases. The vertical up and down jumping done on the rebounder Trampoline jumping can pumps the lymph system and can increase lymph flow by 15-30 times thereby slowing down the aging effect.

Benefit #2

Rebounding is good for detoxification and increasing the immune system. The jumping motion stimulates all of your organs. Cells in your body will actually become stronger in response to the increased G-force during rebounding which results in immune cells being up to 5-10 times more active. The immune cells attack viruses and even cancer cells.

Benefit #3

Rebounding has a stabilizing effect on the nervous system. Jumping on the trampoline along with deep breathing is a great way to reduce stress. I know I find it wonderfully invigorating and refreshing after I step off. I actually prefer to perform short bursts of 10 minutes rather than a longer stretch. It’s just my personal preference and I can tell my body feels better with short bursts of it rather than longer 20 minute stretches. Because the rebounder helps to stabilize the nervous system, it combats physical and emotional stress, which can help a person avoid depression.

Benefit #4

There are of course a host of other benefits the rebounder provides which I won’t go into here but one of my favorite ones is quality time with my children. My children just love it! If you want to help instill the love of exercise in children or just help them get out stress from the day that they are storing in their little bodies, just have them jump on the rebounder. In no time at all they will be laughing and giggling and feeling better. It’s like magic!

If you are interested in what type of rebounder I use at my studio please contact me.

Happy Jumping!


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