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Top 3 misconceptions about losing weight

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

I believe there are three misconceptions that are most prevalent about weight loss. The first is that you have to diet, or even starve, in order to lose weight. The exact opposite is true! You must fuel your body with plentiful nutrition to provide sufficient energy and to ignite your metabolism. So many people eat the wrong things and are amazed to learn just how much they can actually eat when enjoying a diet rich in whole foods (not processed). In fact, most clients tell me it’s difficult to get all their calories in once they start eating real food, that they feel so much better, and have infinitely more energy!

The second misconception is that you have to work out for hours a day, or go completely crazy at the gym in order to see results. In truth, one hour a day three times a week is great for achieving a fit body and mind. The key is consistency. Rather than trying to change everything at once, the more successful approach is making small changes one by one that become habits you can incorporate into your daily life. It need not be a drastic overhaul, but a shift to making better choices such as drinking more water, walking a little further, eating more whole foods and taking it one day at time. There is no magic trick or hidden secret; it’s all about a healthy approach to fitness and nutrition that is sustainable for a lifetime.

A third misconception that I’ll mention is the need for perfection. Life is not perfect, and if you set yourself up for that, you will fail. Life is ever changing, increasingly busy and quite unpredictable, so we just have to roll with it. If you go off track for one day, don’t give up and let your hard work spiral out of control; instead of saying, “I’ll start again tomorrow” (which is a vicious cycle), just tighten up for the rest of the day and get right back to it. Consistency and balance are far more important factors than perfection in both fitness and nutrition.


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