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The essential mind & muscle connection

The Fitness industry has become obsessed with numbers and statistics. Calories burned, number of repetitions, and how far someone can go on the treadmill are some of the numbers people enjoy talking about. One missing element (which I think could get more people involved in exercise), is a deeper understanding of the mind muscle connection.

Exercise is good not only for your body, but also for your mental health. You will get more from a fitness training program if your mind is in it too and not just your body.  For a moment let’s stop focusing on all the statistics that our technology driven devices have wrapped our minds around.  Put down your fit bit for the day and instead just focus on the joy of the movement and not trying to track down a specific number. 

The Brain is the most powerful muscle of all in your body and when you put it to use by focusing exactly on the movement you are doing and the feelings it is producing you are actually paving stronger connections to the mind and muscle.  In turn you will see quicker and better results than if you are just focused on how far or how fast you are going.

Actually getting present to the feeling of brain neurons firing and connecting to the muscle along with the contraction of the muscle is one of the greatest benefits a fitness program can bring you.  In addition, connecting your mind to the physical aspects of exercise helps you transcend two of the biggest barriers people face when they first take to exercise: fatigue and burnout. Calling upon the power of your mind and focusing on the benefits exercise brings, will not just better your health but it will promote a positive self-image, which in turn will help you enjoy exercise more.

You can engage the power of the mind muscle connection during any fitness activity.  Some examples include yoga, strength training, pilates and tai chi which are all physical activities but with a large mental component that when practiced religiously fitness and health becomes effortless, you lose weight quicker and achieve your goals faster.

If you are unsure where to begin, seek the help of a certified Personal Fitness Trainer.   Find an expert in the field that knows how to get you to dig deep and look beyond just the numbers.  Someone that will help you get present with your exercise.  When you exercise it will always benefit you more if you can be in the moment and connect your mind with your muscle for powerful and lasting results!



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