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Staying healthy through the holidays

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

By Trainer Tove

Most of us know that regular movement, eating well, sleep, and stress management is important for our well-being. The holiday season filled with family, friends, great food, and fun memories is just around the corner. It is no secret that all the festive parties and the stress the holidays brings, often mean a hit to our overall health.

Fortunately, it doesn't have to be this way, and with a few easy tricks, it is possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout the year. Healthy eating does not mean you have to give up all your holiday favorites...all that's needed are a few modifications!

These tips will help you stay healthy throughout the holiday season!

1.    The most effective tool for holiday eating may also be the simplest one. Eat slowly and stop at satisfied, instead of stuffed.

2. Keep a healthy balance. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a festive dinner but make sure that the meals surrounding it are healthy and nutrient-dense. Have a light lunch before and opt for a healthy breakfast the next morning.

3. Opt for homemade instead of processed food.

4. Adding more vegetables is another effective strategy to avoid gaining weight and body fat during the holidays. Vegetables are water-dense, calorie-spare, and full of the nutrients you need to keep your energy and mood up.

5. Do not give up exercise. When limited on time exercise in small burst throughout the day. Another way to get in some exercise is to go for a walk. A walk after a meal will aid with your digestion and provide you with fresh air and some quiet alone time to de-stress.

6. Stick to your typical sleep pattern. Irregular sleep schedules can lead to poor sleep quality, fatigue, and poor eating habits.

7. Make time for yourself! The holidays are full of family and friends. While this can be a wonderful thing, it can also be stressful and draining.

Eating well and staying healthy can be challenging during the holiday season. But it is not impossible! By following some of the easy tips mentioned above, you will be able to finish the year strong and be ready for the new year to come!

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