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Stay trim tip #5: desire to make a real & lasting lifestyle change

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

So, I saved my best tip for last! In fact, it’s actually the foundation on which to build your lasting success when it comes to your health and wellness. No matter where you are on your fitness journey, if you skip this step you are eventually going to sputter out or come to a screeching halt! Hey, we all do it differently, but in either case you won’t be making any progress. In fact, at some point you will be backtracking all the efforts and gains you thought you had made.

I see it happen all too often with clients that come into see me. They have no true foundation. They “think” they do, but then when we dig deeper we discover the root of their constant set backs and struggle has been a lack of clarity all along. You see we need to scrape out those cobwebs before we can start building foundations. Get behind the real reasons that roadblocks keep jumping in the way and preventing you from getting what you truly desire and want in life.

The problem is that it’s often so difficult for us to see this in ourselves, yet so much easier to detect in others. If you don’t take the time to stop and figure out the barriers that are preventing you from having a true, real and lasting lifestyle change (without yo-yoing back and forth for years on end), you will get to the end of your life having never experienced that achievement.

That’s just plain depressing and not to mention emotionally exhausting along the way. The little voice inside just keeps telling you that you’re a constant failure and that’s not good for your self-esteem or making progress anywhere in your life. It’s a hindrance you want to avoid at all costs.

I don’t want that for you! I want you to know what it truly feels like to have that real lifestyle change with your health and wellness and never have to worry if it will slip out of your hands again. Everyone can have it, it’s available to all of us but most of us can’t get there by ourselves.


Sure, some of us are lucky to figure it out in our lifetime, my client Kelley happens to be one of those examples and she kindly gave me permission to share her story with you.

Today, Kelley has effortlessly maintained her weight loss goal of 50 lbs and is a lean tone energized machine. She has stayed that way consistently without any yo-yoing for over 7 years now. Her life has completely transformed. But, it wasn’t always this way for her.

You see when I first met Kelley not only did she have a weight loss goal of 50 lbs, but she was down and out with her life. Nothing seemed to be going right for her and her constant struggle with diet and exercise left her feeling depleted and dejected at the end of each day.

She felt like she was not truly present for her husband and 2 children, which sent her into deep feelings of guilt. She was at her ropes end. She had tried everything from boot camps, to weight loss centers and fade diets. She would lose 10 or 20 pounds and be on a great streak and then fall off the rails again. She was sick and tired of it!

Finally one day (8 years ago now), a close friend of Kelley’s who had watched her struggle for years, mentioned that she had heard of a company that specialized in customized programs and training. She suggested to Kelley that she give it a try. Kelley told me later that she only did it to appease her friend (after her friend had mentioned it 3 times to her)! She didn’t really believe it would work for her since nothing else had.

Later Kelley told me she wished she didn’t wait those 6 months before picking up the phone to call. She finally discovered how to tap into the understanding of building a true foundation and making a complete and full lifestyle change. It all started the day she walked in the door where we got right down to the nitti gritty through our initial starter process.

It took a few solid months to build Kelley’s foundation and it wasn’t always easy, but she cracked the code like a true champion. I think Kelley was astounded when all the pieces of her life started fitting back together again. She felt empowered with her new found confidence and it completely turned both her work and home life around.


There aren’t a lot of companies that truly understand the 5th secret and most often skip right over it. That’s why you hear weight loss or success stories that don’t end up lasting. In order to truly develop the proper foundation most of this work needs to be done on an individual level and not in a group-training environment.

This is why I continue to specialize in one on one work. I have seen it’s success and I won’t steer my ship in a different direction just to go with the popular crowd, the flavor of the month, or to make more money (even though I have been told countless times to do so). I have spent my life’s work on developing a sound model that works.

The success of our program is in truly understanding how to get our clients to experience a permanent lifestyle change with their health and wellness. And then comes the really fun process of implementation! And yes, we do know how to make it fun! I wish this foundational success for everyone…it’s the greatest feeling in the world when you find it and all of life’s pieces just start to come together.

In Health & Wellness,

Jessica Storm


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