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Stay trim tip #4: variety is the spice of life

This is the 4th piece to a 5 part series on my favorite and most successful tips for staying trim and fit. If you missed the previous Stay Trim Tips, make sure to visit the Storm Fitness blog on the patch to catch up.

Our 4th tip in the Stay Trim series is to keep things fresh by using VARIETY!

There is nothing worse than being stuck in a rut…stuck in a rut with anything in life can be such a drag. The most sure fire way to get “unstuck” is to change things up. Get yourself outside of your box and do something beyond your typical every day routine – you know – do something that scares you to try because you’re just not sure what to expect. It’s amazing the types of experiences, realizations and growth that can occur with just getting out of your box and trying something new. And no, I’m not just talking about exercise, but life in general.

You see, when you do things that scare you and put yourself in a new place, it creates excitement and energy that will surge through your body. This will carry through in everything you do. When your mind is energized it carries through to the body and it’s sure hard for that to be bad for your health!

This same idea of changing things up in your life can also be applied to your exercise program and you can receive double the benefit. We all know that the body gets bored with the same old routine, yet so many of us are guilty of performing the same exercises time after time. Or, maybe we found one form of exercise that we “fell in love” with and that became the staple of our fitness regime.

The problem with this is that workout routines will become stale very quick. The body is clever and quick to realize what you are up to so if you don’t change it up that exercise regime is going to largely stop paying off for you. With the guidance of an expert coach or trainer you can be sure that your workout routine never becomes stale. You might not realize but there is a lot of science that goes into delivering specialized programs in terms of intensity, flow of exercises and timing – to name just a few.

When you don’t have a specialized consultant on your journey you can end up being less productive and end up with lots of “wasted” time in the gym floundering around from one exercise to the next. Even if you think you have a hold on your exercise program it helps to have someone look over what you are doing and revise it with a fresh, new and effective plan.

It’s just like if you were to hire a consultant for your business, you have to invest some money up front but within days and sometimes weeks you are already seeing a return on that investment. The same thing goes for our Health and Fitness but we way underestimate the true power guidance and a fresh outlook and routine can impact our results that we see and feel in our bodies almost immediately.

If you are guilty of doing the same thing even for the past 3 months then you need to sit down and devise a new plan. Setting up your exercise program should be looked at similarly to your financial portfolio – you don’t just set it up and put it on autopilot. Nope, you need to look at that puppy and re-evaluate it every few months and adjust the working pieces.

As an example, as we get older we need to make sure we are shifting more of our “holdings” into balance related exercises since balance greatly decreases with age, not to mention, we want to make sure that if and when we do fall, we can do it gracefully and without getting hurt. Practicing improvement in a controlled and safe environment makes total sense.

The bring home point is that we are creative beings and we are meant to expand and grow so 1) pick yourself up and get out there and commit to doing one new thing that you have been putting off that might scare you a little and 2) take a good long hard look at your current exercise plan (and if you don’t have one, I suggest developing one pronto) and make a change to it! If you need the guidance of an expert (and most people do) then call us and we can help set you on the right path.

Stay tuned for our last stay trim of the series next week – Stay trim Tip #5!

In Health and Wellness,

Jessica Storm

Owner of Storm Fitness Personal Training & Nutrition


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