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Setting New Year’s Intentions: The health coach’s guide to sticking to your goals in 2020

It is that time of year in the fitness world and across the globe. People are looking to change their lives as a New Year rings in. As health coaches, we see the same trends every year, gyms get packed, people vow to shed weight and get their diet & stress under control. The sad reality is that ever so often people last about an average of two months following their grand resolutions. Luckily, at Storm Fitness, we do not have this problem. Our trainers know the recipe to solid & lasting resolutions. There are a few secrets to keeping your head in the game and successful habit change. Here are five tips to follow to ensure that you stay on track to be your best self in 2020:

1. Set an intention with a few small sub goals:

Too often people make their resolution to “lose weight” or hit the gym four times a week, but what is really driving this goal and getting them out of bed? Is it the desire to look and feel better? Usually. While that is a good reason to set a goal, it is not held in virtue or connected to an overall intention that is driving change.

Intentions are different from goals. Intentions are rooted in virtue, and this virtue drives absolutely every aspect of someone’s life. If a client’s goal is to lose weight, I dig deeper to help them find what virtuous motive the goal is connected to, to keep them truly driven. For example, if the client’s goal is to lose weight, we may discover that the deeper reason is because they lack self-love and self-esteem. They may choose to set an overall intention on “Self-Love 2020” with multiple sub-goals.

Throughout the day, I encourage my clients to set reminders on their phone with their intentions, so that while they are at work, picking up their kids, or going out to eat, they are reminded of the dedication and drive that they desire to push towards change. Intentional living is deeper living & keeps the person connected to a higher purpose and also inspires them, rather than just dreading the weight loss journey.

2. Make SMART goals:

For the goals that fall under the client’s intention, I always use SMART goals. This stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. The goal should be very specific, not too out of reach, and time specific to lead to success. Keep goals manageable, the smaller and simpler, the better. Once clients start hitting these smaller goals, we can begin setting bigger ones, but I like them to feel the success early on to stay encouraged.

3. Journal about the journey:

At the beginning or end of each day, take time to check in with how you will work on your goals or what you did that day to reach them. You can make lists, find gratitude, outline wins, or reflect on things related to your goals. This helps keep things in the forefront of your mind and keep you focused, plus it’s inspiring!

4. Make a Plan:

Depending on what your goals are, make a plan to trouble shoot obstacles. Need accountability? Hire a health coach or grab an accountability buddy. Make meal plans, shopping lists, download meditations for the week, write encouraging notes to yourself and leave them throughout the house & office, anything to keep you on track!

5. Be Gentle with Yourself:

Every year we have a chance to set a New Years resolution, but the truth is, every day we have an opportunity to change, try, and reflect on our lives. Don’t let the hype of the New Year stress you out and remember to celebrate small wins!

By Trainer Maddie


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