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Questions you should ask your personal trainer before becoming a client

Updated: Aug 7, 2019


1. Are your trainers certified and qualified? You will be shocked to know that many gyms and personal training companies hire personal trainers that have no certification. Even if they do have a certification there are certifications out there that you can obtain via the Internet in less than 24 hours. It’s imperative that you make sure your trainer is first and foremost certified by a reputable company: Some of the more reputable certifying agencies are ACSM and NASM, but there are several more.

More importantly, please make sure that your trainer has a few years of experience under their belt. Seriously, would you hire a surgeon to work on you that was fresh out of medical school and had only performed a few surgeries? I know I sure wouldn’t. When it comes to my body and who is working with it, I want the best of the best because I know the results are dependent on it.

Not only that, but if I am spending the time and money to get in shape I want my body sculpted the way that I prefer. Trainers that don’t have years of experience often only know one way to train. They just simply have not had enough years to understand all the various exercises and effects/shape they have on each unique body type. You pay for what you get. Do your research first and make sure your trainer is qualified and is backed up with quality success stories.

2. What is the specific method of training that you provide? “No Pain No Galn” is the wrong mentality. If your trainer puts you through the ringer and leaves you hanging out to dry then this is not a good fit. Their needs to be an approach that is one of many stylings blended together to best suit the clients needs. There is a reason that so many clients come Storm Fitness after training in a group class or other fitness facility has injured them. They are not getting the individualized attention and exercises they need in those environments. Imbalances are often created in the body and/or reinforced because the group trainer or trainer never took the time to address them in the first place.

3. Will my specific needs and goals be addressed? When you are group training the trainer doesn’t have the time to stop the workout and address your specific needs. Your body suffers because the strong area’s take over for the weak area’s and your imbalances are further intensified. Instead of improving your function you are often times making it worse.

Just remember, you don’t have to put yourself through the ringer to get a good workout. What you do need is a workout that is customized to your needs. So make sure you are getting that from the start. It takes a longer time to correct those imbalances when clients come to Storm Fitness in pain and suffering after having been injured in some of these over the top classes. I don’t want for this to happen to you.

4. Do you offer any sort of trial offer for first time clients? I always proceed with caution when I see trainers give away free sessions. If you have a true professional on your hands they are often highly booked and don’t have the ability or need to give out free sessions because their reputation has them on a busy schedule and often a wait list. So, be cautious of those freebies.

It’s one thing if it’s done as a thank you because you are a current client and maybe you sent a referral to that company, but it’s another story if the company is trying to get your business. Top-notch trainers don’t need to give away their work for free. That being said, although we would all love to perform our services for free (because for the trainers on my team I can say it truly is their passion,) trainers need to earn a living. Would you ask a surgeon to perform work on you for free? I wouldn’t? I would be scared what the outcome would be. An injury can cost a lot more and not end up being worth a free session.

That being said, a company should offer you some sort of trial offer before you buy. Such as a free consultation with the owner or highly qualified staff member to determine if you are a good fit for the company and if they have the right trainer match for your needs. They should take as much time as you need for this initial consultation period to answer all of your questions and you should not feel rushed. If you feel rushed that is a sure sign that the company is not paying attention to the client’s quality experience and not a good sign of their standards.

Another nice offering for first time clients is a few reduced sessions so that you can try out their services and make sure you are happy with the company and most importantly your trainer match. Asking a new client to jump into a large package before experiencing their trainer or the company is faulty practice.

5. Who is the trainer that I will be matched with? Make sure you get the right trainer match. It’s important that the company you choose to work with has a solid reputation. The trainer you are matched with is the person who will be coaching, guiding and sculpting your body on the road to better health so it couldn’t be more critical!

If a company has a solid reputation chances are their trainers are quality too, but you always want to do the research to find out. Ask who the name of your coach will be. You should be provided some sort of biography, certification and background information on them. This is especially true if the trainer will be coming to your home.

6. Is there a place I can go to read more about the trainer I will be matched with? It’s very important that the company have a website page with a list of all there trainers and the trainers backgrounds, specialties and certifications so that the client can read about who they are training and see a picture of exactly who will be coming to their home. There should be testimonials about that trainer found online or on the website or if you feel more comfortable never be shy about asking for references.

Quality companies have endless clients that would be willing to speak with you and answer your questions via phone or email about their experience. If they don’t then RUN fast!

7. What does your gut instinct tell you? After you have the above questions answered sit quietly with yourself. Often times our initial instincts let us know what is right for our needs. Yes, sometimes certain things like scheduling or money might play an influence, but at the end of the day you should do a gut check.

Who is the trainer that will be training you and shaping your body and helping you through some possibly tough emotional times and are they the right trainer for you? That is much more important than scheduling or money because you will just be throwing your money away if it’s not the right trainer to get you the results you are after.

Often time’s schedules can be much for flexible than we think, especially if it’s a chance to work with the right trainer/coach. At the end of the day, quiet your mind and take a few days to ponder your decision if you need to. Go on the company website, does it speak to you? Do their trainers look reputable? Do they have glowing reviews? Once you have found your answers to these questions follow your heart. And remember, your gut instinct will almost always lead you to the right personal training company and trainer.

Storm Fitness is an in home personal training company based out of Reston, VA. They service the entire Northern VA area including: Reston, Oakton, Great Falls, Vienna, McLean, Herndon, Fairfax, Ashburn, Sterling and Leesburg with in home personal training. Storm Fitness also services Washington, D.C., Arlington and Alexandria Counties with their in home personal training and nutritional services. For more information visit their website or contact us page.


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