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Live pain free! Corrective exercise, why it's best for you

Are you one of the millions of people plagued with aches and pains? Perhaps you feel sore and uncomfortable when you’re getting up and about.

More and more of us are feeling the effects of aging, we assume that the pains and aches in our bodies are just a normal part of the aging process, but in fact there are ways to prevent this from happening and ways to correct it too.  Corrective exercise is a great way to combat these aches and pains of moving. 

Throughout our lives we develop bad habits when it comes to standing, sitting and leaning. With the constant repetitive movements and ways in which we strain our muscles and joints it is no wonder that there can be lasting effects.

For example, when we form a habit of sitting in one particular position it can put strain on certain muscles (the neck for example) this can over stretch the muscles and cause them to become weaker over time. In order to correct the damage done to the neck muscles, a specially qualified instructor will teach you exercises to correct and strengthen them.

As we reach the dreaded middle age we are far more prone to the effects of these repetitive stress pains. This is the time of our lives which we want to be able to retire and relax in comfort. We may have ideas and plans for the future, of the great adventures we would like to achieve now that we are more financially independent.

We may even have grandchildren we want to run around with and enjoy. All these things can be very hard to do if we suffer from painful joints and the most common, back pain.

Become a fitter and more mobile individual. Learning corrective exercise techniques can turn you life around, if you have been living with immobility due to back pain or other, getting to know the best ways of combating it will enhance your life beyond what you thought possible.

What we offer at Storm Fitness is a personal service to help you gain the body fitness you deserve. You can work at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. We want you to enjoy life to the fullest with the help from trainers with the skills and knowledge to make you feel younger and fitter than you ever have.

Correct you posture and you physical alignment with our personally tailored Corrective Exercise programs.



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