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Is your health & fitness information truly confidential?

You might not think it’s important to check with the facility or trainer that you are working out with about confidentiality, but it’s the first thing you should do.

Why, because the information you share regarding your health and fitness is your private and personal information and is no one else’s business. Not only that, but if you work closely along side a fitness professional you should absolutely make sure that they have a confidentiality agreement in place. 

This might be part of the price you pay for professionalism, but it’s well worth it. I have heard horror stories of people hiring trainers without first understanding their background or education level and then when things go south they worry that all the information they shared with that individual may get inadvertently blurted out along the way.

Throughout the years I have had many prominent clients come to me in need of personal training and nutritional services. They all share a deep concern of keeping their personal and health information private (along with the fact that they are even training with our company, Storm Fitness.) I deeply respect that. Part of the reason’s why people like private training is for that security and confidentiality.

These Clients often don’t want to be recognized in a studio or gym or be judged in a class. They come to us because they know they will get a tailor made customized program that delivers results, someone to confide in and the confidentiality that comes along with that.

Moral of the story –make sure you always trust the fitness professional you are working with and that a company with a strong reputation backs them up before you begin sharing any personal or health information with them.




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