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In the market for a personal trainer? Buyer beware.

It’s everywhere, wherever you look, we see fit, well-toned celebrities and models. They are on billboards, in magazines and all over the television.

With all this body beautiful around us, it isn’t hard to start feeling like we also want a piece of the ‘get fit’ pie. But when it comes down to it and you have no idea where to start, it’s very easy to turn to the experts for help and advice, the only problem is, how do you tell the difference between the expert and the fraud?

When choosing a trainer or company to help you get fit you really need to consider what you are about to undertake. It may be cliché but, your body is a temple, you must realize that what you do to it, the food you eat, supplements you take and the type of training you put it through is going to have an effect on your body, this could be positive but beware, it may have the opposite effect and cause serious and lasting damage.

There are trainers out there who are amazing at their jobs, they take pride in the service they provide to others, watching their clients develop into slim, trim and healthier people. There are however those who will take advantage of you and under deliver if you aren’t aware of what is right or wrong when getting the body you want.

So how can you be sure you are engaging a professional personal trainer?

Well like any other service, you should be asking a list of questions:

Is there a friend or family member that might be able to refer me to someone they like?What is the trainer’s background and experience?Do they appear to go above and beyond for you and have a true passion for their industry?What certifications do they hold? Is it from one of these reputable agencies? they have any references and testimonials you can call personally?

Don’t be afraid to dig deep and ask questions – it’s your body and health on the line.  You often will get what you pay for.  A reputable personal trainer might cost more money than someone less known, but you are sure to see faster and quicker results with a trainer that has many years of experience and a true dedication to their field.

Just like any profession there are companies that excel at what they do and truly care and there are others that give the industry a bad name.  Just make sure you do your due diligence before getting started on your fitness journey.  It’s worth the time and effort and you should never feel badly asking questions – a good training company will encourage you to do so and applaud you for doing your homework.

At Storm Fitness all of our trainers have an educational background in fitness, including years of experience and a personal passion in fitness and exercise. In addition to that they also hold certifications from a variety of reputable bodies such as National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and American College of Sports Medicine to name a few. This gives our clients the comfort that our trainers know their stuff, why it works and how it will work for you to achieve your fitness objectives.

Hopefully this article has drawn a clear line between choosing a reputable personal trainer who holds appropriate qualifications, experienced and has traceable references. If you are looking to get your fitness back, at your own pace and following a personalized plan then personal training is the way to go. Visit today to start your journey to a brand new you.


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