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How yoga changed my life

By Trainer Genevieve

I used to just run. I would run 5-6 days a week rain or shine.  It didn’t matter if my legs were toast or if I was battling a nasty college cold. On days I didn’t run I would do P90x in my living room and irritate my neighbors below me as I  hopped up and down for 80 minutes.  I did this until my first serious injury.

At 19 years old I had sciatic pain so bad I couldn’t walk. I spent months running with a hilariously short gate to avoid shooting pain.

I was constantly being told to try yoga. I was inflexible and afraid of sucking, so I kept resisting. Then over spring break I caved and did a tape with my mom in the privacy of her home gym. I did suck. I was over six inches from reaching my toes ams I struggled for the whole hour. I still hated it, but I felt so much better the next day on my run that I was pretty much sold.

It took a about a year of yoga on a weekly basis for me to enjoy it.  Today it is a vital part of my injury prevention and also my fitness. Yoga has made me strong in a way that weights cannot. I am more nimble and flexible and I have not dealt with sciatic issues for the past six years since beginning my practice.

I once thought running was my only meditation. I used that time to plan my day, my outfit or think through an issue and eventually I entered a daydream like state where I didn’t think about anything consciously.  I still love running for this reason. I love how all I need is my body and I’m out the door for a mindless workout.

Yoga does a similar thing for me. As I focus on my breath and the movement I stop worrying, planning and thinking. I’m just moving, breathing and sweating. My physical body shows the benefits of yoga through my flexibility, strength and balance but I also use yoga as a way to calm my mind. It takes the stress off my body that takes a beating during my higher intensity workouts and clears my head.

If you have been hesitant to give yoga a try, I hope my story will impact you. I would love to help you implement yoga into your workout session and connect your mind and body on an even deeper level.

In Health and Wellness,

Trainer Gen


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