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How to get a bikini body like Jennifer Aniston

You all know celebrities like to have their photos taken while they are at the beach or lying down beside the pool. Ok let me rephrase that, celebrities more often than not, get their pictures snapped while at the beach or by the poolside. Sounds better?

For this reason they always make sure their body images are ready for your mass consumption. How then do they keep in shape and maintain the perfect bikini bodies you get to see on the pages of gossip magazines.

One thing all celebrities have in common when it comes to their fitness is that they have a personal trainer. Below are a few tips Jennifer Aniston says will help you tone up for the beach:

Eat healthy and watch what goes in as that is where 80% of the fight is won. (Could not agree with Jennifer more here!)Consistent exerciseFocus on cardio to help you trim downInclude a conditioning activity such as strength training and yoga which firms up the tummy and bum and gives you an all round lean healthy looking body.

Jen has certainly given some great advice and I could not agree with her more! Looks like she has picked up some great habits and stellar advice after so many years of training.  Yes, regular exercise keeps your body in shape and when you have an exercise goal in mind, such as sculpting that great bikini body, then increasing the training intensity will help you achieve your goal.

According to Jennifer’s long time personal trainer Mandy Ingber “Jen’s a very consistent exerciser and eater…. But when she has something she needs to focus a little more on, she just tightens it up a little bit.”

We can all get sloppy in our eating and exercise habits from time to time and having a personal coach to help reign you in will help you achieve optimal results and fine tuning that you would never be able to achieve on your own.  Many people just need to experience it one time in order to understand.

Now that you know the secret to Jennifer Aniston’s beach body, go ahead and get yourself one of our rock star personal trainer’s here at Storm Fitness and begin seeing results and achieving your dreams.   Our clients consistently say that it’s the best thing they have ever done for themselves in their entire lives! Take a look at some of our glowing reviews:




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