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How I know you're thinking about me, and why you should let me know it

Okay, so yes, I agree this title may come off a bit arrogant, but it isn’t intended to. It’s simply the truth of what I experience on a weekly basis. You see many of my friends and acquaintances will sheepishly approach me as if they are harboring a deep secret. They will then whisper in a quiet or timid voice that they have been thinking about a personal trainer for a long time, but were nervous about reaching out and taking the first step. 

They are usually relieved when they hear my response. “We all need personal training.” The benefits you receive from individualized instruction go beyond anything you will experience in a group environment plain and simple. Please know that if you approach me for training services applaud yourself for your courage in taking the first step.

Storm Fitness has been delivering results for over 12 years now and there is name recognition associated with us, which is truly wonderful. Because of this, I get approached for personal training and nutrition advice on a regular basis. Including from owners of pilates, fitness and yoga studio’s that need help bridging the gap between strength and there particular mode of fitness. I help them re-vamp their routine and nutrition programs to start seeing results again.

Many friends and acquaintances will contact me because they don’t like the results they are seeing in their group program or they have specific injuries that need to be worked around and or strengthened. And others are referred to us from our current client base and they have specific goals or conditions that require the use of a Personal Trainer.

You see we all need a coach. Even those that specialize in exercise need an outside perspective when they get stuck in a rut. If you ask any of them I know they would say it’s an experience you can’t put a price on. Some of their reviews and video testimonials can even be found on our website:

You get so much out of customized attention than you ever dreamed of. It’s more than just a personal training session. It’s an experience for the body, heart, mind and soul. It will leave you with a better understanding of yourself, who you are, what your body needs. When your body heart and mind all get in tune the results are beyond what you could have ever imagined.

This is why there will always be a place for Personal Training. It’s also why as technology grows and we spend more time connected to the internet and less time connected with each other face to face, the need for personal training will only grow greater.

If you can’t already tell, I am passionate about what Storm Fitness has to offer, the amazingly talented trainers that comprise our team and the lives that we change on a daily basis by the results we deliver to our amazing clients.

In fact, it’s one of the reason’s I won’t ever stop specializing in this fitness niche. I get told all the time that I should do group training to make more money, but I’m not in it for the money. Everyone can use one on one training to learn more about himself or herself.

As a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Expert, being able to customize a session around the need of an individual is something special. Of course sessions with small groups of three or couples training can add an element of fun with customization, but anything above four can often get to watered down in terms of level of customization and detail.

Moral of the story: Please don’t be shy about approaching me. I am here to help, listen to your concerns and help you understand what personal training can bring to your life. If it’s something you’ve been thinking about but aren’t sure if it’s right for you, you will probably want to start with our 4 session intro package. I will match you with a trainer that is right for your needs and goals so that you can get started with your experience and start seeing the unique results Personal Training has to offer you.




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