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Healthy Habits Jump Start Challenge for 2021

Your Mission: Incorporate one new healthy habit each week and stick with it. Each week you will build on your new habits so that within 3 months (the next time I check back in with you with my Spring Newsletter) you will be performing all 12 healthy habits!

Week 1: Start Your Cardio Program - Anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour depending on your current fitness level. Work up to 45-60 minutes if possible even if you go slowly.

Week 2: Eat Every 3 Hours – That’s 3 meals and 2 healthy snacks in one day. Each meal should contain a palm sized serving of protein, two fist sized servings of veggies and a fist size serving of healthy carbs.

Week 3: Prepare Healthy Meals – Choose out healthy meals for the week. Spend the next 1-2 hours preparing the meals and store them in airtight containers to take to work with you.

Week 4: Strength Train – Strength training will give amazing shape to your body. Begin with 1-2 sets of 12-15 reps of light to moderate weight twice a week on non consecutive days.

Week 5: Drink Water – Flush out bloat and puffiness from excess sodium.

Week 6: Take a Multi Vitamin – as a little extra insurance.

Week 7: Stretch – Start by doing 5 minutes of stretching after your cardio workout.

Week 8: Floss – Daily Flossing will increase your life span and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Week 9: Portion Size Check – Make sure you haven’t been opting for white flour carbs instead of heartier choices that keep you feeling fuller longer.

Week 10: Get 7+ hours of Sleep – Your mind and muscles recover during this period and robbing them of this essential sleep time can lead to a breakdown in your body along with weight gain.

Week 11: Use Sunscreen – Find a moisturizer with SPF 15 or higher and put it on your face every day.

Week 12: Posture Check & Reflect – Remind yourself at least twice a day to stand and sit tall. Draw your shoulders down and back, lift your chest and pull in your abs. Reflect and add something restful to your life. Congratulations for having created a healthier you! Now keep up these great habits to continue experiencing the benefits over your lifetime!


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