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Get your mind in shape to lose weight

We’ve all been there….in a situation where we ate too much at a meal. Or, maybe we just ate a certain food we didn’t “think” we should have. What did you do afterwards? Did you beat yourself up with negative self-talk? Comments like “I’m no good, I don’t have any will power!” Or, maybe you said something like “I’ll never be thin, I might as well just keep eating because I’ve already blown it. I’ll start my diet on Monday!”

Why are we always so hard on ourselves? Have we ever really stopped to think about the impact those horrible words have on our bodies? Would we ever talk to a friend or loved one that way? Of course not, but we continually talk to ourselves this way. We need to look deep inside and ask ourselves why?

This type of negative self-talk is counterproductive. Not only can it not change the past, but it also makes it more likely that we will believe we can’t lose the weight or get fit. Even worse, our food carries energy with it. When we tell ourselves things like “I can’t believe I just ate all those cookies and I know it’s going right to my butt,” we are sending a direct signal to our body for the food to do just what we “thought” it would!

If you don’t believe me, pick up a few books on the power of the mind. The mind is often the root of problems. If you are struggling to get healthy and you aren’t finding success I am telling you right now that this is why! Just take a look at successful athletes. They don’t just get to where they are by luck or chance. Sure, some of them are genetically blessed, but many of them strongly believe and know in their mind that they will achieve certain goals. They spend hours a day visualizing their success and they limit negative self-talk and criticism.

How could anyone be successful if they were telling themselves what a failure they were? Yet, this is what many of us sadly do on a regular basis. We need to get our minds in shape, pronto! The next time you slip into self-doubt, and we all do, stop in your tracks. The moment you realize the negative self-talk, you become conscious to it and have the opportunity to change your thoughts and outlook. You can make a conscious decision to be happy and confident. Just being present to the moment you are in is “getting the mind in shape”!

Weight is not just some “problem” to tackle through diet and exercise. You will find that getting healthy and achieving your fitness goals will be much easier when you understand the role your mind plays. Learn to recognize the negative self talk and bring yourself to the present moment. I promise you your life will change and you will never struggle with weight or health issues again!

In Health and Wellness,

Storm Fitness


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