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Get fit for life, not just for summer

Summer is fast approaching. If you’re a parent you might be relating to a few of these 4th Quarter parenting woes – I know I sure am.  I got a chuckle from these 40 examples and maybe you will too! 40 Examples of 4th Quarter Parenting.

Hopefully you are feeling proud of all the consistent and hard work you have put in to be ready for Summer……but, as you know our philosophy at Storm Fitness is to live your best all year round. This way, you are always prepared for any last minute getaway.

Most importantly you are always feeling your best and your body will thank you for this consistency as you age.

Really, the one way you know you have reached the top of the fitness pinnacle is when exercise is a part of your daily life – no exceptions.

Sure, we all have days or sometimes weeks where we just don’t feel like exercising.  A few days off can sometimes be exactly what the body needs to rejuvenate and get pumped up again for exercise. The secret is to always get right back on the wagon. Don’t let a few days off stretch into weeks.

So this summer while you are enjoying the BBQ’s and cocktail infusions make sure to take advantage of the weather and keep your exercise routines going!

Remember that exercise doesn’t mean you are always going full out. It can sometimes mean a walk on the trails in the neighborhood with your dog.

Whatever you do make sure that your routine is balanced and varied – incorporate some easier recovery or stretching days. Find things you enjoy doing so that exercise is something you look forward to and not a chore or another thing to knock off your list.

We have your back so if you need ideas to vary your workout always talk with your trainer or feel free to reach out to me directly for suggestions.  I am always at your service!

Have a safe and beautiful summer!


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