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Fuel your brain, fuel your life

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

By Trainer Maddie

Nourishment is important on every level. The first meal you eat can play a huge a role in the way your brain and body will perform for you throughout the day 

It’s very important to fuel for YOUR body. 

Just because you saw an Instagram influencer eating something, doesn’t mean it will necessarily work for you. Eating intuitively will greatly increase your overall health as you learn to put the things into your body that will best support its systems. 

What is intuitive eating? Intuitive eating is a process of building your awareness around what your body needs as nourishment. Next time you have an urge to eat a snack, but aren’t hungry, tune in for a second. Can you take 3 deep breaths and assess whether you feel hunger, or maybe there is an emotion present? Will it serve you best to eat the snack? If so, go for it! But if you realize it was a mindless action, try and drink a big glass of water, or a cup of tea.

This practice gets easier if you are making an effort to practice mindfulness in your daily life. Just five minutes of meditation a day could radically change your snacking habits. Our bodies know what they need. We just have to be able to listen!

I made this green smoothie this morning, knowing I needed a little cognitive boost. Here is what is inside:

-2 cups of raw spinach

-1 handful of broccoli sprouts (hello, hormone balancer !)

- 1 celery stick 

-1 tblsp of grass fed ghee (BRAIN POWER, BABY)

-2 tblsps of flaxseed 

- 1 mango

-1 handful of frozen pineapple

-1 scoop of brown rice protein powder

WAAALAAA! I am on my way to slay my day! I hope all of you can begin a journey into intuitive eating!


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