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Finding "motivation" at the national zoo

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

On a recent trip to the DC National Zoo with my family, I came across a very interesting observation. You see, my family and I had decided to head to the Zoo extra early before the exhibits even opened. We figured we would walk the grounds and view the animals that were outside well before any crowds had emerged and before the hot sun came out.

My observation started off by the Panda exhibit, then onto the Elephant’s, Birds and Bear exhibits. You’re thinking this is about the animal’s right? Nope, this observation actually had nothing to do with the animals and everything to do with the humans I was witnessing! Each and every person that we passed was in extremely good shape. I’m talking Mom’s with muscles running after their tot’s and men with super trim waistlines! It seemed every direction I turned there was another person in rocking good shape.

After a while I began to ponder on two points. The first was that it was odd this observation was even standing out to me so much. I thought what a shame that we are often used to seeing just the opposite in today’s society that witnessing so many fit people was actually standing out to me as “unusual”. And the second question I was pondering was what was it that had attracted such a fit crowd to the Zoo today?

The truth of the matter is, there is really no way to say exactly if what we witnessed that day was a mere coincidence, or if it suggested that the same people who are motivated to work out regularly are also motivated to wake up early and to get to the zoo. I can tell you this though: It takes motivation to get to the zoo extra early with 2 kids in tow, but it especially takes motivation to stay fit.

So really if you want to be fit, you don’t need to be motivated to go to the zoo early, but you do need to be motivated to get up and move and preferably do it early in the morning. Chances are, the longer you wait to get your workout in the more things there will be that creep up in your day to interfere with your workout. Do something for yourself first thing in the morning and make yourself the very first thing that you put on your list. Will it hurt to wake up that early in the morning? Sure it will at first. But remember, nothing great was ever attained without a little pain and a lot of gusto to get there.

The fit people that you see on the streets aren’t just blessed with magic genes, (well maybe .01% of them are) chances are they worked really hard for what they have and they do it everyday! It’s a number one priority and a commitment to their health and it’s a way of life for them. No excuses exist.

Remember, there are two things that contribute to your motivation for any task. The first is what you expect from yourself and the second is what value you place on achieving a particular goal. The key to motivation is in understanding that you have the power to change both your expectations of yourself and the value placed on any given task. Choose to value your health and wellness as top priority, expect it of yourself and go on and get it!

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