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Even the pros need a little help sometimes

I'm Jessica Storm, lead trainer and owner of Storm Fitness. I'm a busy mom of two and when I'm not managing my company Storm Fitness, my side job is Uber driver to my two busy kiddos! It's really hard to stay on top of nutrition when you're always running around after your kids, and I noticed it was starting to take a toll on my body. I began eating like a kid looking for any quick fix I could get...a handful of granola on the run or just grabbing a slice of rolled up turkey with a dollop of cheese in the middle. This was not the proper way to fuel my body for health or sustained energy.

I knew I had let things get too far. Who did call for support? Well, only the very best of course! I turned to our amazingly talented, caring and emphatic Storm Fitness Nutritionist, Gen! I knew she would have my back and I wanted only the very best to get me through this hump.

I love Gen's realistic approach to food - she truly get's balance and how to make it fit your life and your specific needs. Gen was able to create something perfectly tailored to my needs based on some micronutrients I was lacking as well as some food sensitivities I was experiencing. Gen created a detailed custom meal plan for me with recipes for the week. Armed with my grocery list in tow I hit the new sprouts grocery market in Herndon and filled my cart with the most wholesome from the earth foods.

Tonight, I made an oatmeal pumpkin bake which will be used for breakfast and pictured here is my lunch which is an autoimmune friendly healing turmeric soup - YUM! I never would have gotten my butt to the grocery store to buy all the items needed for these recipes or taken the time to prioritize the cooking of these meals if it weren't for Gen doing all of the leg work and finding recipes that were right up my ally. Having her customized meal plan for the week and the links to all my recipes and guidelines was a huge time saver for me.

Because she built a meal plan around MY likes, I was super excited and eager to try it out. I also forgot how much joy cooking truly brings. Especially this time of year. I filled my stock pot with lots of hearty fall vegetables and it warmed my heart to know I will be taking great care of myself this week and have fresh and wholesome meals ready to go! My body is already thanking me! I really believe everyone can benefit from something like this and Gen's caring approach with her knowledge is a winning combination.

Gen has also been through a lot in her lifetime dealing with inflammation and autoimmune issues along the way. I always find it is those that have been through the battlefield themselves that bring us the most knowledge and help and I truly believe this is why she has such a nice approach. Gen has experimented all of her life and knows first hand what a healthy balance is. When things start to get too strict with a diet or nutrition change, it can really lead to more stress than benefit. Her well rounded approach and nutritional knowledge is something I am so proud to be offering our clients at Storm Fitness!

Yes, even the pros need a little extra support to get them through busy times in their life. When you know someone has your back you can get so much further than you ever would on your own! Don't go it alone - Storm Fitness has your back!


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