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Do you believe in what you do and live by it?

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and realized I spent most of the night training clients in my dreams. I know crazy! But you know what, I take this as a good sign. I love my job and the creativity and freedom that it allows me to have. I am constantly coming up with new exercise moves, programs, and variations.

In fact, sometimes my clients will even ask me where I came up with some crazy move…in my dreams? Who knows, possibly but I do know that it works. And the new moves I create will deliver different results to different clients. Some are designed to deliver streamlined sleek muscles (I say, no thanks to the bulk), and others designed to increase endurance or target slow twitch muscle fibers. 

It’s imperative to change up your moves, angles and intensity especially as one gets increasingly fit. The body is an amazing machine with an ability to adapt to anything you throw at it over time. The fitter you get, the more frequently you have to change up your fitness program. After years of consistent exercise, I am at a point now that I need to be on my toes with creating new exercise techniques and changing it up with different fitness tools……or else, my results will stagnate quickly. On the flip note, it doesn’t take long for me to achieve a certain “look” or fitness level when I choose to do so because my body knows how to adapt quickly.

For as much as I spend my time in creativity mode, I also feel that I have a good balance with downtime and relaxation. I recognize the importance of deep breathing practices and meditation and I help my clients implement these practices into their program as well. I don’t think if I were walking the walk and talking the talk that I would be nearly as an effective trainer. I am willing to experiment on myself at any given moment so that I know exactly how an exercise will shape the body and so I can explain to the client exactly where they should be feeling a certain movement. I even know what it will feel like if performed incorrectly so that I can help queue the client into the right position.

I am not saying all this to brag, but rather to state the importance of making sure that anyone you work with in any given field is practicing what they preach. In other words, walking the walk and talking the talk. After all, if they aren’t champions of what they do for a living then how can they honestly say they understand what it might be like to be in your shoes and help you get to where you really need to be.

Believing in what you do and living by it is the best example you can provide to those around you. I believe you sell what you do through your presence and leadership not through sales techniques or manipulations. If you practice what you preach others around you will sense this and clients will flock to you. So get busy living your dream. Put good balanced habits in place and live by them day in and day out.




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