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Can technology replace the one on one experience?

We are moving ever forward into a world of technological advancements. Each of us in the developed world is living with some form of technology and it is stripping away reliance on human contact, but not necessarily the emotional need for it.

Gone are the days when we would sit together at breakfast before work, lunch or dinner. Families and individuals are becoming more segregated within the home. Children have access to PCs, mobiles, tablets and game consoles, they don’t need to interact with each other physically speaking, they can text and multi media message.

But does this same technological takeover hold true with the fitness world? Can we really do away with the highly trained and professional personal trainer? Not to mention, is all this technology even healthy for our basic human needs?  I don’t believe so.

When it comes to getting in shape and keeping fit, we all need to receive advice from someone who really knows his or her stuff. No amount of technology can compensate for the feeling of motivation, support and personalization that you receive from a certified health professional.  They are there for you every step of the way when you are trying to reach your goal. If we relied exclusively on a piece of technology how would we combat those days when we feel like making excuses?

Many of us view having a personal trainer as something only those of upper income might have.  It’s often thought of as a luxury of the rich and famous to have someone to ring up and ask for nutritional advice and to tailor their exercise plan to their busy work lives and their specific body types.

The truth is in fact far different.  We should all be adopting this get fit strategy, whether you do it from home or in the gym, having a personal trainer is the key to keeping healthy and well balanced.  Having that human contact is essential when you are trying to reach goals. No app or special piece of technology will ever be able to tap into that essential human experience.

We should view the use of a personal trainer and their expertise as an investment. This isn’t a financial investment but one that is far more important to any of us; it is the investment of our lives.





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