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Are you afraid to put yourself on the list?

So last week I was in the middle of training my client and right in the middle of a good thigh burning exercise she blurts out “I’m so glad I made the decision to put myself back on the list”. My mouth almost hit the floor. I mean, this is the time when I usually hear moans and groans from her about how she can’t go on, but today was her turning point.

Her body and mind were actually exhilarated by the burn. Not to mention, she had been so excited when she walked in the door because she had just visited with her best friend (that she had not seen in 2 months), and the friend just couldn’t believe how amazing she looked and how much more confidence she had. The friend actually said she was carrying herself differently and seemed like a completely different person, so much livelier and happy. Of course this put a big smile on my face!

It got me to thinking…how many people are out there just like my client who aren’t putting themselves on the list? Or, maybe they are afraid of what will actually happen if they do put themselves back on the list? Life is busy, we are all busy, but there is never any reason to not take a few minutes out for yourself each day. There is always a way. We just have to make it a priority. All to often it takes some sort of medical emergency for us to wake up and smell the coffee so to speak and that’s never good for anyone.

I dug a little deeper with my client and it turns out like most busy Mom’s, she thought that keeping herself last on the list (or in her case completely off the list) would somehow benefit her family and that she was doing a good thing by putting them first.

Sadly, time and time again I see this pitfall happen. It’s backward thinking and of course it’s clear to her now that she had it all wrong. My client is now able to participate in fun activities with her family and they have even lost weight because she is cooking healthier meals. I don’t think she realized how much of a role model she would end up being to them and how putting herself on the list actually benefited everyone around her. The positive impact continues to ripple through her life each day.

If you have taken yourself off the list (and you know who you are), if this article resonates with you in anyway I encourage you to take action. Do something about it right now. Take a positive action step, anything at all. Maybe it’s eating a healthy breakfast in the morning because you have been skipping it, or maybe it’s abandoning the drive-thru for the next month. Whatever it is, continue to take small action steps towards living a healthier lifestyle.

And if you need expert help along the way there is no shame in that. Seeking out the experts is what helps you get to the place you want to be much faster than you could ever do on your own. Find some support and take action today to put YOU back on the list!

Storm Fitness is a personal training company that specializes in bringing fitness and nutrition directly to you in your home. For more information you can watch a video at here.


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