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7 secrets to melting off saddlebags

If you’re reading this you most likely just read my article posted on Reston Now and are looking for more direction on how to perform my 7 secret moves for melting off those saddlebags. Good for You!

I have listed below a detailed text description of each move along with links to video’s on how to perform each of these moves.  In order to perfect the move it’s probably best to read the detailed text description first and then follow it up by watching the video and practicing along.  In no time at all you will become a pro.   If you are new to exercise, start out easy with just one round of the circuit and modify the moves to suit your needs.

Remember if you need help or have questions please feel free to contact me personally by visiting our contact page and filling out the form or calling us at 703-869-8376.

Exercise 1:

Cross Over Curtsy Lunge with Leg Lift to Side Lateral Lunge – 20 on each side

Start off by doing a curtsy lunge by bring your right foot at a curtsy angle behind your left leg.  From there begin to raise your right leg out to the side in a side leg lift and then land it down on the floor so that you are in a side lateral lunge.  From the lateral lunge position press off your right leg to bring your right foot behind you again starting at the curtsy lunge position.  Perform this exercise 20 reps on the right side and then repeat on the left side for 20 reps.

Video example for exercise 1:

Exercise 2:

Plié squats – 20 total

Start in a wide legged squat position.  Rotate your toes out at an angle so that they are facing outwards and make sure that your knees follow in the same direction.  Begin to lower yourself down in to a squat position.  make sure to keep your torso high and your tail bone pointing down.  you want to make believe you are sliding between two window panes of glass. Your bottom should not be sticking out behind you as it would in a traditional squat.  Even though this exercise targets the inner thighs and not the “saddlebag” area per se, it’s still an important one.  The inner thigh muscle balances off those outer thigh muscles so they need to be just as strong so that 1) you don’t get injured and 2) the compliment the opposing muscle group.  you can’t have great outer thigh’s without also having toned inner thighs.  Perform 20 reps in total.  If you need more of a challenge try holding onto a weight or sandbell.

Video for example exercise 2:

Exercise 3:

Step Ups with lateral leg lift – 20 each leg

For beginner exercises start with a small step – like using  a step in your home.  For more advanced exercisers use a bench or plyo box.  Place your right foot on a step and press through raising your left leg into the air as you bring it out into a side lateral leg lift.  With control lower back down to the ground.  Repeat this exercise for 20 reps on the right side and then switch legs and perform 20 reps on the left side.

Video example for exercise 3:

Exercise 4:

Skater lunges – 15 on each side

Similar to a curtsy lunge in exercise 1, you are going to bring your left leg behind your right and go into a lunge position.  Add a hop as you go over to the other side bringing your right leg behind your left.  Work up to Perform this move with speed and power for a total of 30 reps.

Video example for exercise 4:

Exercise 5:

Side walking squat with resistance band – 20 each side.

Start in a squat position with resistance already on the band.  Step out to the side with your right foot and squat.  Bring it back to center and step out to the side with the left foot.  Continue alternating this move on either side for a total of 40 reps.  Modify by doing this without a band if you don’t have one or are new to this exercise

Video example for exercise 5:

Exercise 6:

Lateral side step lunge back to a one leg balance – 15 each side

Perform a side lateral lunge by stepping out to the side with your right leg.  Lower your body down so that you are in a lunge position -it should look as if your right side is doing a squat with a nice 90 degree angle.  Press through the heel of your right foot to power back up to a one leg balance stand.  Perform 15 reps and then switch to the left side.

Video example for exercise 6: note: you can do this without the attached resistance shown in the video:

Exercise 7:

Firehydrants – performed on hands and knees – 20 each side

Start off on your hands and knees.  Make sure you have good form by pulling in your abdominals and not sinking into your hips or shoulders.  Carefully raise your leg out to the side making sure not to displace too much of your body weight onto the opposing side.  Squeeze at the top and carefully lower back down.  For more of a challenge you can add an ankle weight or stick a light free weight in between your hamstring and calf for added resistance.  Perform 20 reps on each side.

Video example for exercise 7:

If you have questions on any of these exercises or need modifications please feel free to reach out to us! Also, make sure to post or email your results.  Do this plan 3 times per week for the next 4 weeks and supplement with 30 minutes of cardio at least 3 times a week in addition – even if it’s just walking.  Now let’s go melt off those saddlebags!




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