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5 ways Storm Fitness is different and better than other personal training companies in Northern VA

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

1. Storm Fitness has Seasoned Professional Personal Trainers. Unlike other personal training companies that will higher newly certified trainers or even trainers that don’t have a certification, Storm fitness only takes on seasoned professionals to their team. This ensures that your trainer has years of education and experience. You are getting top-notch quality when you train with Storm Fitness.

This is your body that is being designed and shaped, don’t you want only the very best? Sure, it’s possible you might pay slightly more for top class, but be careful because there are plenty of other companies out there that charge the same price or higher and you are getting a much less seasoned trainer.

If you were having an operation would you want a Dr. just out of medical school that had never performed surgery before or at best only casually performed surgery? I know I sure wouldn’t. I would want the best of the best and I would pay for it because I would know my results would be guaranteed and I wouldn’t have to worry about the safety of my body.

When you personal train with Storm Fitness you are given the very best and a trainer to match your exact needs and goals. Not everyone calls Storm Fitness for the same reason. Some call for weight loss, some call for strength training, some call for sports conditioning, some call because they have never trained a day before in their life, and the list goes on.

The best part is that Storm Fitness has trainers that specialize in each of these areas so you can be matched with a trainer to fit your given needs. No other personal training company can say they have a wide variety of talented professional personal trainers with years of extensive experience and knowledge.

2. You Get Results From Tried and True Methods that Deliver Lasting Lifestyle change. The Storm Fitness Method and approach is a tried and true scientific one that delivers results. For example, if you go to Storm Fitness to get in shape because you need to lose weight and/or you have never done any type of training before and they focus only on giving you exercises and not educating you about anything other than fitness your results will be subpar. However, if they look at your health and wellness from a whole health approach and start to take into account your nutrition, your results increase exponentially.

If they then look at other areas of your health and wellness such as sleep and stress level and tap into those areas, again, your results increase exponentially. And, the best part is that the more they look at it from this whole health approach the greater your chances that this becomes a true lifestyle change. Something you take and incorporate into your life across the board.

This is exactly what Storm Fitness does and exactly why so many Storm Fitness clients end up having profound life change across the board, and not just in their health and fitness. Their relationships change, their confidence changes, their finance change. It’s amazing but everything around them starts improving. And this is why you simply can’t put a price on the benefits of personal training with Storm Fitness.

You could throw thousands of dollars away by training with another in home personal training company that has far less superior trainers and knowledge. Storm Fitness educates you and sets you up for success so that every dollar you put into yourself grows exponentially, just like a savings account. Storm Fitness has been in the fitness industry for over 13 years and there is no other in home personal training company in the area that has the knowledge and expertise and results that Storm Fitness delivers.

3. Storm Fitness Crafts Customized Programs for your Unique Needs: Most other personal training and nutrition companies make you buy individual packages for your personalized needs. Unless you are an athlete or seasoned fitness professional you most likely need some kind of nutrition guidance or help. Even if it’s just a session or two. By looking at your health and wellness as a larger part of the picture and not just focusing on fitness alone you will see much better results. Storm Fitness makes make this easy for you because you are not forced to buy different sessions for different needs.

The sessions your purchase with Storm Fitness are 60 minutes in length and those sessions can be dedicated to any health/fitness needs you might need to address at that time. Although yes, most clients use these sessions for actual training, they love being able to use a session for nutrition counseling or their specific health needs when the time calls.

Your health and wellness is a journey and by allowing you to use your sessions in this customize-able way, it makes it easy to attain your results even faster because Storm Fitness can quickly and efficiently change gears to what you need in that moment. Some clients need written workout plans or more time stretching and Storm Fitness can craft each and every individual session to the clients needs. Yes, it’s time consuming, but that is what makes Storm Fitness so great and why they are far superior at delivering long term results over other personal training competitors.

4. Get Your Very Own 24/7 Fitness Consultant. With other in home personal training companies after they have delivered the training session they are done. Not with Storm Fitness. Storm Fitness is there for your health and wellness needs 24/7. Your Personal Trainer is also your health and wellness coach. Any needs you have they are only a phone call, email or text away, all free of charge. I don’t know any other personal training company out there that will make that claim. Simple as that. Again, just not something you can even put a price tag on.

Sure, you can go take a pricey group fitness class for $20-30 dollars, but you are not going to get the individualized attention to your form and specific exercises your body needs (and don’t kid yourself, all of us need certain exercises over others and should NOT be doing some exercises that group classes will have you doing.) Once you leave that fitness class or gym that’s it – that’s all your money paid for. With Storm Fitness you get 24/7 access to your personal training coach, with education and training all built into one.

5. Storm Fitness comes to YOU – Saving You Time and Bringing Efficiency to Your Workouts. You might not think that you need a personal trainer to come to you but the amount of time that you will save by not having to schlep to a gym or fitness class can be a times savings of anywhere from 1-3 hours per week. Just getting to gym or fitness class, parking and getting settled wastes up to 20-30 minutes of time on each end even if the gym is right down the street from you.

Storm Fitness comes to you and brings all the equipment needed. Most importantly, Storm Fitness shows you how to workout right in the comfort of your own home, workplace, or community workout center. This way you learn how to make use of the things you do have to the best of your advantage and the time that you have.

By personal training you in your home or workplace Storm Fitness can customize exercise circuits and blocks for you that fit your needs for the days they aren’t training with you. This way even if you only have 10-15 minutes of time you can use our program to do a quick 15 min exercise routine that fits your lifestyle. Storm Fitness listens to your needs and then delivers the goods.

Because Storm Fitness services the Northern, VA area they cover quite a large distance of ground, much larger than many other personal training companies in the area.

So there you have it – an extensive list of towns (some not mentioned) that Storm Fitness services with in home personal training and nutritional wellness. To see the full list you can visit their Locations page.

These are 5 reasons why Storm Fitness in home personal training and nutrition blows all the other personal training companies in the Northern, VA area out of the water. At the end of the day it comes down to results. If you are paying good money then you need a system that works, seasoned professionals that educate and are available 24/7, which leads to delivered results. When you train with Storm Fitness you get all of this and more.

If your interested in learning how to get started please reach out directly to Jessica Storm at 703-869-8376, she can set you on the right path and answer any questions that you have about getting started with personal training.


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