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Welcome to Storm Fitness Personal Training in Sterling, VA

It is not uncommon to hear from prospective clients that they have a fear of getting injured because they were injured in the past by an unqualified personal trainer. This saddens me to hear. Unfortunately, the fitness industry is not nearly as regulated, as it should be and clients need to be very careful when they are choosing a personal trainer. It’s imperative that they do research and make sure they are hiring a qualified professional.

Often, gyms will hire trainers that are not certified or lacking in necessary education and skills. This creates a dangerous environment for the client and one where they are very likely to get injured or develop an unbalanced muscular structure. A qualified personal trainer or therapists will later have to correct these mistakes and it can be quite costly.

When you hire Storm Fitness trainers, getting injured becomes a non-issue. We take the guesswork out of making sure you have a qualified trainer because we hire only the very best. Our trainers must have a minimum of 2 years of previous experience working as in an in-home personal trainer in addition to many other requirements.

Storm Fitness also requires ongoing education credits and our trainers regularly attend fitness conferences and trade show events. We also require that they have a certification that has been accredited by NCAA – The National Commission for Certifying Agencies. The client appreciates this because they know when they get a Storm Fitness personal trainer they are getting the best talent that the industry has to offer and they are in great hands.

Education and professionalism is important but so are other traits such as timeliness and cleanliness. Our trainers have great personalities and understand the psychology behind training. Each person is unique and will be motivated by different words and things. The trainer has to be able to adapt to the client and work with them at their level. The Storm Fitness trainer possesses the characteristics that make the very best and most well rounded trainer to deliver results!


Please contact us to get started with a personal trainer or weight loss program in Sterling, VA or in the Northern Virginia and DC Metro area. We can be reached at 703-869-8376. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Storm Fitness proudly services Loudoun County with Personal Training and weight loss services, including the towns of: Broadlands, River Creek, Leesburg, Sterling, Ashburn, Middleburg, and Dulles.

Our Personal Training and nutritional services are world class and we deliver results! Check out some of our reviews on our testimonials page!

Sterling, VA is part of Loudoun County. Sterling consists of many communities including Broad Run Farms, Cascades, Countryside, Dulles and Lowes Island. The town of Sterling is also often referred to as Potomac Falls, which can create confusion at times – especially among newer residents.

One thing is for sure, Storm Fitness clients love to golf! Sterling boasts two golf courses. Algonkian Regional Park and Trump National Golf course (formerly called the Lowes Island Golf Course) are both beautiful courses for a fun game. There is also a smaller golf course at Sterling Park where many clients will go to get a quick round in without much wait time.

The Sterling and Potomac Falls area offers many ways for their residents to stay in shape and have fun doing it! Claude Moore Park Recreation Center is designed to attract a broad range of people from groups to community and families. It’s a large facility that offers aerobic studios, indoor swimming, elevated jogging track and the latest fitness equipment to name just a few.

Cookology recreational Culinary School located in the Dulles Town Center Mall. They believe that everyone can learn to cook and that is why they teach it and make it fun! They offer loads of different classes if you want to check out their site. I know a few of our Storm Fitness clients have taken classes with their kids to inspire a joy and passion for healthy cooking. When we learn how to cook, we often end up taking much better care of ourselves. We can control the ingredients that go in the dish and there is a sense of joy that is created when cooking with fresh and local ingredients – it fills the spirit up!

Rebounderz is an indoor trampoline facility. It is great fun for the kids and families and quite an amazing workout! The place is lined with trampolines where you can practice back flips or cautious but fun jumping off the back wall. It’s a great way for parents to have fun and bond with their kids and it’s worth a look at their website to get an idea of what it looks like – they have some great pictures up.

Sport Rock Climbing Center is just that, an indoor climbing arena where you can work on improving your rock climbing skills! They offer instruction from novice to advanced and offer support in your rock climbing journey.

Storm Fitness offers unique programs to their Sterling, Virginia residents including the entire Virginia and NOVA area. We offer weight loss programs, exercise and fitness programs, nutrition and wellness coaching! Whatever your health and wellness needs, Storm Fitness can and will provide!

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