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Personal Training in Great Falls, VA


It has been said that people are motivated to get fit and get in shape because of either INSPIRATION or DESPERATION. Wherever you might be on that scale if you’re thinking of hiring a personal trainer to assist you in your goals you have come to the right place. Storm Fitness is truly a world-class personal training and Nutrition company that delivers what the customer really cares about – RESULTS. As a small business we continue to thrive because we deliver what we promise to each client.

Even during the economic down turn Storm Fitness saw an uptick in business. This speaks volumes to us. We kept our mind on our goals and our clients and continued to perfect our in home personal training programs and how we deliver results. It put us at the top of our game and we are proud and happy to have the community take note of Storm Fitness and recognize the success our Personal Training program has brought the Northern Virginia area.

Our corporate wellness programs are sought out by large and small companies in Great Falls, VA and throughout the Northern VA area. They have the same desire to see their employees more productive. They want less sick time and a better overall office atmosphere. We offer lecture programs, contests, weight loss programs, and personal training classes in a customized package to meet each company’s needs and budget.

To read more about our offerings in Great Falls, VA please read our services page.

If you have spent a year or more not working out or eating poorly you just can’t expect your body to change overnight. I see it all the time! Clients weigh themselves every day and are disappointed when they don’t see the number on the scale drop each day or expect to lose 5 lbs in a week every week. It’s just not realistic.

First off, please don’t weigh yourself every day. This number fluctuates all the time in a give day from 2-6 lbs. Please weigh one time per week at the same time of day. Even if you are working hard 2 lbs a week is about as much as you should lose and that gets harder to do each week as you continue to lose more weight. Shows like the biggest loser can set a bad rap for trainers because they are eating 1200 calories a day and working out 6+ hours a day – of course they are going to lose 20 lbs a week but it’s not a healthy nor long term way to necessarily keep weight off.

We can help you get started today. Please fill out our contact form or call us at 703-869-8376 and we can answer all the personal training questions you have and help get you started on your way to a fitter and healthier YOU!

Our Great Falls clients love their quiet parks and large plots of land. Great Falls is known for having lots of acres for riding horses and having farmland. Many of our great falls clients raise their own chickens and have fresh farm eggs. They enjoy horseback riding and hiking in their beautiful local parks.

Great Falls Park is a gorgeous park with trails and a waterfall that many of our clients frequent on the weekend

River Bend Park is another local favorite and you can often catch sight of some beautiful and rare wildlife

Storm Fitness enjoys having access to beautiful parks like this one in Great Falls because they are perfect to train clients at during the fall and spring months when the Virginia weather is at perfect temperature. We enjoy conducting some of our personal training sessions at these parks for our clients.

If you are interested in in home personal training in Great Falls, VA please call us at 703-869-8376.

We are always willing to answer any personal training or nutrition questions you have. You can read more about our programs and offerings on our services page

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