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Get fit in Ashburn with Storm Fitness!


We are a Personal Training company that specializes in In Home Personal Training in Ashburn, Virginia. Not only do we specialize in Personal training, but we also service our Ashburn clients by providing nutritional services and coaching. We have registered dieticians and nutritionist on staff with some of the highest credentials obtainable in the nutrition field.

Of course, our specialty is our world-renowned in-home personal training services. We have many clients that live in Ashburn part of the year and they say the highlight of their return is getting to workout with our team of in-home personal trainers.

Some of our clients have traveled the world and tried many other companies but we have been told they don’t compare. When they return, we spend our time “undoing” what some other trainers might have “done” to their muscular structure while they were away.

Trust me, if you get in the hands of an uneducated trainer, they can cause you much more damage than good. It might be damage that you don’t even realize until several years down the road. Repetitive movements and using too much weight, can put undo strain on joints and tendons and will most definitely cause irreparable damage later down the road.

Please invest time and investigate your personal trainer before you commit to a program with them. Remember, they are working with and designing the most important piece of equipment you own – yes, YOUR BODY.

Please don’t trust that to just anyway. Often times the difference in price between a bad personal trainer and an excellent one is a minuscule one – especially considering the damage a bad personal trainer can cause and the time and money that will cost you to get your body fixed back up the proper way again.

Read more about some of the services we offer in Ashburn, Virginia on our services page.

We take great pride in our training techniques. Each Storm Fitness client get’s a different approach based on their goals and body type. Most training companies won’t take the time to learn all of these cutting edge techniques and instead they dole out the same programs with a slight twist time after time again. These programs lake innovation and become dull and redundant and the body eventually stops responding.

Look, we have been in the business long enough to know that the same old training techniques just won’t cut it. No two bodies are alike and they are going to respond differently to a variety of training methods.

We will work with you based on your goals and your current shape to get you the body you desire.

When you achieve this healthy amazing body you are going to feel more confidant than you can imagine. It goes without saying that your body will beam from the inside out after you have been taken through your own personally customized personal training and nutrition program by one of the personal trainers on the Storm Fitness team.

We look forward to working with you!

Call us today to find out more about our in home personal training in Ashburn, Virginia as well as our nutritional services in Ashburn, VA. We can be reached at 703-869-8376.

You can also fill out our contact form and we will get back to you with more information.

Since Storm Fitness started it’s in home personal training business back in 2003 we have watched Ashburn, Virginia grow into an amazing town. It now boasts a Wegman’s where Storm Fitness Trainers have taken their nutrition and personal training clients to learn how to shop healthy. Our clients also make frequent use of the Ashburn ice house where many of our clients children play on ice hockey teams! Storm Fitness has even trained children who are competitive ice skaters and train daily at the ice house.

There are also many great gymnastic venues in Ashburn, VA. NVGA and APEX Gymnastics are both popular places frequented by Storm Fitness clients. These venues are wonderful at getting children interested in health and fitness and creating a positive and caring environment of support and community around them.

Often times during the summer months we find our Ashburn personal training clients bringing their children with them to their personal training and workout sessions to take part in the session. We are able to work with both parent and child to create a program that delivers results for each of them.

When the parents role modeling fitness it sets a great example for the child to continue exercising on their own without feeling forced into it. We put a fun spin on it and make it kid and family friendly. Storm Fitness is wonderful at teaching new training and exercise methods that allow families to workout together having fun and being active right at home!

If you are interested in hiring an in home personal trainer in the Ashburn, Virginia area please call us at 703-869-8376 and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Some of the towns we offer our In Home Personal Training and Nutrition Programs to in Loudoun Virginia include: Sterling, Potomac Falls, Ashburn and Leesburg.

We are growing! In addition to servicing Loudoun county, we also offer our In Home Personal Training services and Weight Loss Nutrition programs to all of Arlington Virginia County and we also service Washington DC and Fairfax!

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