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Storm Fitness Personal Training in Arlington, VA

Storm fitness keeps its prices fair and competitive. It is not uncommon for potential clients to hire a personal trainer because they might be $10-15 per hour cheaper and this can be a big and costly mistake. Often if you find a trainer that costs less it’s because their education or certification (if they have any at all) is not up to par.

Trust me when I say, you get what you pay for when it comes to personal training. I know that I wouldn’t trust my body to just anyone and I don’t want you to either. I have seen far too much of the damage that can be done by unqualified and neglectful trainers that don’t have properly developed programs and experience.


I don’t think that clients often understand the amount of damage an unqualified trainer can do to one’s body. The chance of injury is great, and they develop poor muscular structure on the client. This can ultimately lead to an unappealing physique that the client was never looking for in the first place.

I sometimes hear women complain they put on too much muscle and feel too bulky. This is because the trainer stresses the large muscle groups with too much weight and pays little attention to the smaller intricate stabilizer and accessory muscles.

Storm Fitness trainers see these unbalanced and out of proportion bodies all the time when physical therapists will refer their clients to us who have had resulting injuries from poorly qualified personal trainers. We are then called in to finish up the rehab and redevelop their muscular structure appropriately.

Strength training and body weight training can give a client a sculpted sensual and beautiful body, but it’s takes great skill to develop these programs. It’s an art and a science and therefore you should place your body should be in the hands of a qualified professional ALWAYS!

Ask us about our special Introductory 4 session personal training package for first time clients! It’s at a reduced rate so that you can try our training out and see for yourself if it’s right for you!

Get fit in Arlington!

Our in-home personal trainers in Arlington, Virginia service the entire Arlington area with top of the line personal training instruction and nutritional services. Please call us at 703-869-8376 to get started with your in-home personal training experience today!

If you would like more information please fill out our Contact Form and a staff member will reach out to you to answer your questions.

Storm Fitness is proud to offer personal training in Arlington, Virginia and all of it’s popular communities including, but not limited to: Clarendon, Ballston, Courthouse, Crystal City, Rosslyn, Virginia Square, Pentagon City, Palisades, Westover, and Shirlington. Our Personal Training service is RESULTS driven and we have the testimonials to back it up!

We look forward to providing you with the very best in-home personal training experience that Arlington has to offer!

Many of our clients live in Arlington, Virginia and they love that we can train them right in their condominium gym facilities. Arlington has become a hot spot or mecca of sorts for 20 something’s looking for a good time. There are lots of great shops and restaurants and an unbeatable nightlife. In fact, I would say that Arlington is trending to be even more of a hot spot to live than DC at this moment. Some of the more popular spots for the younger Arlington crowd are Clarendon, Ballston, Court House and Rosslyn areas.

Arlington is not only popular with the younger crowd, but with the affluent and older crowd as well. The metro allows easy access into DC – especially if you live in one of the housing developments that will give you close access to the Orange line (Courthouse, Clarendon, Ballston and Rosslyn). This site lists the Top 10 places to live along the Orange Line for Metro. It’s a great resource for those that are new to the area.

Arlington is growing fast in popularity and the statistics prove it. In 2011 the population of Arlington was 212, 045, which means since the year 2000 it had a population growth of 12.02%. The housing costs are rising along with it’s popularity – the median cost of a home in Arlington is $514,700 and compared to the rest of the country, Arlington’s cost of living is 57% higher than the average.

If you’re looking to experience Arlington Night Life I would recommend this site for some great tips. My number one tip for staying healthy and fit and the most popular activity our clients enjoy in Arlington is going down to the Potomac River and jogging or walking on the Mount Vernon Trail. It’s peaceful and beautiful and the paved flat trail runs about 18 miles in length.

There are many other running trails in the DC/Northern VA area. Another very popular path is the C&O Canal Towpath. It’s a 185 mile long trail that follows the Potomac River from Georgetown through much of Maryland. The trail is a wide and flat dirt trail. The National Mall is another popular spot for those living in DC to log most of their running miles; it’s almost 2 miles and connects to Hains Point Loop and the route to the C&O Canal.

Living in Arlington you really have the opportunity to stay fit and healthy. Almost every complex has a gym facility located in it so our clients find it’s much easier to stay fit when they just have to walk downstairs in their building. Also, with the metro it brings more walkers and bikers and less driving. I would say overall that DC and Arlington are a very fit population and Storm Fitness is doing its best to keep it that way!

Storm Fitness offers a variety of fitness programs to service their Arlington, Virginia clients. In addition, we also service the Northern Virginia area with our health and wellness services. Some of the programs we offer are: nutritional counseling, weight loss, corporate wellness programs, pilates, yoga, sports conditioning and strength training.

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