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Storm Fitness is a unique personal training company with headquarters located in Reston, Virginia.  Offering a variety of training options, both in private and in group settings, training is available in the privacy of your own home or at the Storm Fitness studio located in Reston, VA.  We also offer our personal training at your private gym in your condo or work building and at local community fitness centers.


Our highly qualified instructors have some of the highest credentials found in the fitness industry. Certified by ACSM and NASM, the trainers continually receive on-going education in the most advanced and up to date techniques in strength and conditioning training as well as nutrition counseling.

In home personal training locations we currently serve: Virginia, DC and Maryland:

Looking for a specific area?  Drop us an email to inquire!  We are always expanding our range of service and are happy to assist in locating a trainer in your area.

Storm Fitness provides top of the line equipment and uses functional exercises to get our clients entire body into shape all while having fun at the same time! Balance boards, bands, free weights, machines, swiss balls, medicine balls, manual resistance and your own body weight are just some of the equipment and techniques used to give our clients varied and functional workouts that stimulate the mind and body.

  • In-Home and Work Place Training – Northern Virginia & DC include Leesburg to Alexandria to DC and Maryland. Training In-Home and don’t have any equipment? Don’t worry; our certified professionals will bring everything that we’ll need for an amazing and fun workout with you!

  • Studio Training – Storm Fitness Studio located in Reston Virginia.

  • Outdoor Training – This is the perfect opportunity to get outdoors if you are focusing on cardiovascular training or sports specific training.

  • Training at your Local Community or Fitness Center – Does your community have a fitness center nearby that you use or does your apt or condo have a gym? If you would like to train there, we come to you!

  • Storm Fitness has partnered with some local community fitness centers. Just ask to see what’s offered in your neighborhood.

To schedule a complimentary consultation or for more information give us a call at:


Jessica Storm
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