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Jessica Storm, lead trainer and owner of Storm Fitness, takes pride in maintaining the highest level of certifications: 


  • ACSM – Certified Exercise Physiologist 

  • IDEA – Master Personal Fitness Trainer 

  • NESTA – Certified Wellness Coach


  • BASI – Certified Pilates Instructor 

  • NASM – Corrective Exercise Specialist

  • TRX – Suspension Training System Certified


  • NFPT – Master Personal Trainer

  • NFPT – Advanced Sports Nutrition Specialist

  • NFPT – Advanced Weight Training Specialist

  • NFPT – Advanced Endurance Training Specialist

With over 20 years' experience, Jessica understands that fitness isn't just in the gym - she prides herself on a holistic approach to fitness, transforming both mind and body of her clients.  Not only is each client's needs different but needs within individual training sessions can vary.  Her style of training is always creative and fun – a typical workout could include trampoline work, boxing, or snuggle sessions with her two Australian Shepherds, Leo and Taylor.

Jessica loves to push people past where they think they are mentally and physically able. One of her fitness passions includes working with adaptive athletes, people coming back from injuries and seniors who are afraid to exercise because it allows her to help them achieve goals they never thought possible. Watching her clients gain control of their bodies and gain confidence in their abilities, physical limitations and injuries is what Jessica considers her biggest training accomplishment. 

A mother of two, Jessica herself had to adapt and change to her lifestyle and body. In her 20s, she credited much of her passion for fitness to her love of running. One day, her love for running waned, and she searched for new exercises that she connected with and enjoyed keeping herself active. She learned the importance of listening to her own body and realizing what she needed, something she encourages of all her Storm Fitness clients.  For Jessica, there’s a balance between stress and exuberance. Pushing boundaries but knowing when to back off keeps her active and healthy.

For Jessica, training is about the personal connection and watching her clients improve their health.  She views it as an art – her craft – and enjoys just being in the moment with each client during sessions. She attributes much of her success to combining not only exercise into her programs, but a holistic approach that focuses on lifestyle adjustments like mindfulness and better sleep habits.

When she’s not training clients across Northern Virginia, Jessica loves to read, spend time with her husband and two kids, and two dogs. An avid outdoor lover, Jessica enjoys nature walks with her dogs and traveling. Jessica loves the sun and fresh air, so it’s no wonder her favorite place is St. John. For Jessica, having her bare feet in the ground makes her feel truly connected to the Earth, something she seeks in her down time.

Ready to train with Jessica? Contact her today!

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