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Storm Fitness
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Storm Fitness: In home personal training
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Storm Fitness: In home personal training

Storm Fitness helped me set personal records at age 50
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Storm Fitness helped me set personal records at age 50

Storm Fitness made me feel alive again
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Storm Fitness made me feel alive again

I lost 85 pounds working with Storm Fitness
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I lost 85 pounds working with Storm Fitness

Client testimonials

"What appealed to me about Storm Fitness was the flexibility in plans & payments.  That makes me feel like they are actually interested in me as a person & furthering my goals and not just about money.  Jessica, the owner of Storm Fitness, really wants to help her clients & you really feel that.  Talking to Jessica and figuring out a trainer was so easy, she listened to our needs.  What did we want to accomplish, how we thought about exercise & nutrition to really match us with someone who would encourage us.

I highly recommend Storm Fitness!  I haven’t had personal attention & encouragement like this in the past & it makes us enjoy our sessions and want to continue.  We feel encouraged to remember that we are making lifestyle changes and to take each day at a time.  We find ourselves trying to walk more in the office, take the stairs more often instead of the elevator and incorporate more veggies, fruits & protein in our diets than we did before.  We have done a diet where every day was mapped out for us, but that’s boring.  Since we have been encouraged to really view healthy food as our lifestyle, we feel more inclined to actually eat healthier and in moderation because we come up with meal ideas on our own and the way we actually eat."

Jessica Perez | Alexandria, VA

"Storm Fitness has been wonderful! I used to go to a chiropractor for lower back and leg pain, but since I have been working out with Storm Fitness it is completely gone. With the help of my trainer, I learned exercises that strengthened my lower back and I am so grateful because the pain used to interfere with my sleep at night."

Renee DeGennaro | Potomac Falls, VA

"I have been using Storm Fitness for almost 10 years – 3 times a week. They bring all the equipment that is necessary for an amazing in-home workout! I am a grandmother to 5 beautiful grandkids and it’s important to me to stay fit, healthy and active so I can be around to enjoy my grandkids for a long time to come. I knew that I didn’t want just any trainer, I wanted the very best. Being older, I have sensitivities and need a focused approach and someone with skill. I had heard great things about the Storm Fitness team from my Doctor and it turns out it was all true! 


I am currently preparing for knee replacement surgery (which I was supposed to have 10 years ago but my trainer was able to get me strong enough that I was able to delay the surgery a full decade). Through my physician, I was also directed to physical therapy to prepare my knee for my surgery. Believe me, they don’t compare to my Storm Fitness trainer and confidant, who’s knowledge and understanding of the human body and how it works, far surpasses any physical therapist I have worked with before!  I will continue to work with her prior to the surgery date and as soon as I can after surgery to get me back to my very active lifestyle.

Since I first started with Storm Fitness, I am 10 years older but, I am 10x’s stronger than I ever was and MUCH healthier. I also have been suffering with Lyme disease (which ultimately lead to me needing the knee replacement surgery since it attacked the weaker areas in my body) and my trainer was persistent in not letting me give up and continuing to work out. Even if it wasn’t at the same pace, she always adjusted the workouts accordingly. I will admit that sometimes just her advice, conversation and encouragement got me through those very difficult times.

She always challenges your body, but with caution and understanding and she listens to your concerns.


Not only has she worked on my physicality, but on my nutrition and encouraged healthy eating habits. She also works with my husband who suffers with back problems and he will ALWAYS say that working with a trainer keeps him going. She knows his trigger points and has exactly the right exercise or therapy to put a smile back on his face and a strut in his step.

I could go on and on about how she has helped us both so much, but instead I would recommend that you do one session with her or one of the Storm Fitness team trainers and you will be hooked for life and changed for the better, just like me!"

Pat Bray | Reston, VA

"For my birthday this year I gave myself the gift of fitness.  I’ve been overweight my whole life and I’ve tried every fad diet, pill, and exercise but nothing ever delivered long term results. From the moment Lauren arrived at my house we had an instant connection.  I was impressed by her passion and commitment and I enjoyed her vivacious personality. I explained to her that in addition to wanting to lose 50 lbs., my job is physically demanding so we need to work on my upper body strength and overall health and fitness for better energy.  Lauren customized routines based on my ability, needs, and goals.  She provides challenging and ever changing work outs so nothing gets boring or becomes too easy.  I always finish each session drenched in sweat and feeling great. Lauren is also a compassionate listener and has become a great friend.  She genuinely cares about me and wants me to achieve my goals."  

Rachel P | Alexandria, VA

"I found Storm Fitness through the web and contacted the owner.  Jessica, (the owner of Storm Fitness), immediately reached out to me regarding my fitness goals, preferred times, and set me up with a trainer.  She also contacted me a few days after my sessions started to ask how everything was going and if I needed anything. Her response time was impeccable along with her caring nature – she genuinely cares about the company’s clients. After being ignored by several personal trainers in the area, I was immediately stoked by the amazing service. The best part is – the Storm Fitness trainers come to YOU. Your work gym, your apartment gym, your house, wherever – super helpful in an area that is constantly filled with traffic. I highly recommend Storm Fitness." 

Tammy N | Arlington, VA

"I was new to the DC metro area and was seeking a Good Personal Trainer.  After reading many reviews, bios, company profiles, etc.  I reached out to Storm Fitness.  My initial conversation with Jessica was to address my needs and what the company offered so she could best match me with the right trainer on her staff.  Jessica was very pleasant, thorough and very positive.  I knew what I wanted, but I didn’t know how to get to my desired end results, and I knew I was lacking the personal motivation at home to push myself to consistently work out and to push through when the work out gets hard.  Personal training is the prescription I needed.  I am particular and would rather pay for the knowledgeable, personalized, professional training than just take the cheapest route with less experienced trainers."

Jackie S | Vienna, VA

"I joined Storm Fitness because I noticed my body was starting to change and I wanted to tone up and feel good. After doing a ton of research on personal trainers I decided to give Storm Fitness a try. I’m so happy I did! Jessica, the owner, answered right away. After asking what my goals were, and what I was looking to achieve, she set me up with an appointment.  I’ve been with Storm Fitness now for 4 years. I once was someone who could not even run a mile and am now training for my first half marathon! But Storm Fitness isn’t just about working out and getting in shape. It’s completely changed the way I eat. I have learned so much about nutrition. I joined Storm Fitness to get my body back, but I got way more than that. I am in the best shape of my life, I’m not just physically stronger, but mentally too, and I am so much healthier.  Storm Fitness has changed my life. It’s the best decision I have made for myself!"

Christy O | Ashburn, VA

"I have been training with Storm Fitness for several years now. My trainer helped me rehab a lower back injury and return to a level of fitness I had lost over a multiyear period. I’m lighter, stronger, fitter than I have been in years because of her knowledge, skill and encouragement. Training with Storm Fitness has literally taken 10 years of aging off of my life, while giving me the skills to maintain these gains.  I would recommend training to anyone who wants to get healthier and function well as they age.  My Storm trainers’ insights into nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, coupled with her energy and fun-loving style can’t help but make you want to achieve. It’s great to be able to be active with my family and kids again! I feel the best I’ve felt in my life."

Greg C | Great Falls, VA

"I contacted Storm Fitness looking for a personal trainer and Jessica got back with me immediately. She set me up with Lauren and I couldn’t be happier!  My Storm Fitness trainer is fantastic!  She works me hard and keeps the workouts interesting.  I’m never bored or watching the clock wishing the session would end.  My strength, flexibility, and balance are so much better since I’ve been working with her.  One of the things that she has done really well is to identify which exercises can help with some of my weaker joints and can modify others to take this into account.  I have had other personal trainers in the past but none of these have had the personal touch and interest that she does.  I would definitely recommend Storm Fitness if you’re looking for a great trainer who can fashion a program to meet your needs."

Pat Hartwell | Arlington, VA

"Previous to Storm Fitness, my workout experience had not been very effective, and I found myself doing the same old thing without any drive. My trainer brings a tremendous amount of enthusiasm, energy and experience to the workouts. I am consistently and constantly challenged by new exercises. The variety of exercise and the balanced approach that is created has helped me in finding new ways to challenge myself. I am amazed at the time and care she puts in to ensure I do things correctly and get the most value from the exercise. Training with Storm Fitness has enabled me to do things I was not able to do before and my trainer has created a much more energetic and happier me! I wholeheartedly recommend Storm Fitness for all they have done for me along with their professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm!"

Chris Shand | Sterling, VA

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