Client success stories

Client testimonials

"I haven’t had personal attention & encouragement like this in the past & it makes us enjoy our sessions and want to continue.  We feel encouraged to remember that we are making lifestyle changes and to take each day at a time.  We find ourselves trying to walk more in the office, take the stairs more often instead of the elevator and incorporate more veggies, fruits & protein in our diets than we did before."  

Jessica Perez | Alexandria, VA

"Storm Fitness has been wonderful! I used to go to a chiropractor for lower back and leg pain, but since I have been working out with Storm Fitness it is completely gone. With the help of my trainer, I learned exercises that strengthened my lower back and I am so grateful because the pain used to interfere with my sleep at night."

Renee DeGennaro | Potomac Falls, VA

"I’ve been working with Jessica for three times a week and feel great, terrific, and wonderful. Until now, these are words that I haven’t been able to use to describe how I felt since February 2001 when I was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. My treatment involved 4 surgeries including a mastectomy and removal of 16 lymph nodes. After my lymph nodes were removed, I was given a list of physical restrictions. I was instructed to do some stretching and very low level exercises, but I felt weak and old, my balance had become very poor and I just felt as though I were deteriorating.  Jess knew how to push me to just beyond the point where I thought that I could do no more. I am now doing over 60 push-ups, very tough crunches, all kinds of weight work and boxing! There is no way that I could have attained my new level of fitness without Jess’s guidance, support and expertise." 

Paula Kugelman | Sterling, VA

"For my birthday this year I gave myself the gift of fitness.  I’ve been overweight my whole life and I’ve tried every fad diet, pill, and exercise but nothing ever delivered long term results. From the moment Lauren arrived at my house we had an instant connection.  I was impressed by her passion and commitment and I enjoyed her vivacious personality. I explained to her that in addition to wanting to lose 50 lbs., my job is physically demanding so we need to work on my upper body strength and overall health and fitness for better energy.  Lauren customized routines based on my ability, needs, and goals.  She provides challenging and ever changing work outs so nothing gets boring or becomes too easy.  I always finish each session drenched in sweat and feeling great. Lauren is also a compassionate listener and has become a great friend.  She genuinely cares about me and wants me to achieve my goals."  

Rachel P | Alexandria, VA